If we sum up all the characters of the previous chapters we get 246 in total (30 + 216). There is one more character that completes the Tamil script x

x is neither a vowel nor a consonant and it is also not a compound character. It is a special character. There are a lot of names for that character like Aheenam, Aaytham, akku or akkanna. The first two are more common ones.

In this book, we will call it Aheenam.

That letter is a hybrid of the English g and h sounds. It can be compared to the ch sound in the German language. Another example would be the word "Loch Ness" (pronounced in the Scottish way)

The character x is not used that often anymore in Tamil but sometimes it is used as a placeholder when writing foreign words in Tamil that have sounds that do not exist in the Tamil script.


cellphone = செல்ஃவோன்celxvōṉ

In this example the வோ sound has been prefixed with a x to make it a phō instead.