One last types of words that you should know before you can start writing sentences are interogatives. Those are the words that introduce questions that you can't answer with a yes or no. In school, you might have also learned them as "Question Words" as they are usually used to form questions.

The following words are the most common ones:

  1. Who - யார்yār
  2. When - எப்போதுeppōtu or எப்பeppa
  3. Where - எங்கேeṅkē
  4. How - எப்படிeppaṭi
  5. Why - ஏன்ēṉ
  6. What - எதுetu

If you add the -உம்-um suffix to any of these interogatives (except for "Why"), you can create the equilizing answer to that question:

யார்yār (who) + உம்um = யாரும்yārum (anyone)
எப்பeppa (when) + உம்um = எப்பவும்eppavum (anytime)
எதுetu (what) + உம்um = எதுவும்etuvum (anything)