A book to learn the basics of Tamil Grammar

Tamil is a more than a 2000 year old and yet still active language. This book will help you learning this language.

Is Tamil a hard language to learn?

The first thing people learn about Tamil is the fact that this language has its own script and that the script has 247 letters. And that is the point when a lot of people already give up saying that the language is too difficult to learn. But learning Tamil is not as hard as people believe.

Learn why Tamil is not difficult to learn

3 steps for basic Tamil grammar

After following the three simple steps of this book you will have a basic knowledge of Tamil grammar and a foundation to improve your skills on your own

  1. 1. The Script

    Learn the characteristics of the Tamil script system, how to pronounce and write each character

  2. 2. The words

    You will find out how to use verbs in different tenses, how to decline nouns and about other word classes

  3. 3. The sentences

    Learn to build simple sentences using the SOV structure and how to add sub clauses to them.

The foundation for an app

The upcoming app will use this grammar book as its theoretical foundation, so starting with it now will give you an advantage.

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